1. wishing a very happy opening day to the broadway revival cast of les miserables! break many legs (and see you in april!)

    ( ps “somewhere beyond the barricade print” is available here.)

  2. dimensiontheories:

    Vogue US June 2005

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  3. vicinity-of-couture:

    Illustration by Elodie

  4. mangomini:

    Sweater weather again..

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  5. littlepeppersquash:

    Winter hibernation

  6. daviddoran:

    My girlfriend and I took on a rebranding project for a local Soup and Juice bar in Falmouth over the summer, and it’s now open for business! Here’s the logo and part of the branding design that I made for it. 

    I’ll upload some pictures of the store once I have the photos!

  7. fatmalovestodraw:

    45.5x30 in
    Ballpoint pen.

    Had loads of fun. Made lots of mistakes but it’s alright there’s always more drawing to be done. :D

  8. 80s-90s-supermodels:

    Photographer : Gene Lemuel
    Model : Kate Moss

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  10. verysvelte:

    #Prada look on Haight #fashion #photoshoot

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